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O I O C  

A s s o c i a t i o n

Uplifting our Neighbors through Action and Kindness 

Amazon, Colombia  

On the Indigenous Reservation of the Kamentsa Nation 

Regenerating Ancestral Land, Wisdom & Culture for the Health of Future Generations

Our Mission

"Each of us was put here in this time and this place to decide the future of humankind. Do you think you were put here for anything less?"

Guided by the wisdom of Mother Earth, Apus, and Plant Teachers, OIOC Preserves the Ancestral Memories of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who once traversed the sacred lands of Putumayo, Colombia. In their ancient words and timeless art, they safeguard the Original Instructions of the Creator, illuminating the path of 'Good Living' (Sumak Kawsay) and fostering harmony with all creation. OIOC's Commitment extends to Land, Ancestral Memory, Territory, and Actions that Together Forge a Meaningful Impact on Our World.

At OIOC, We're dedicated to reforestation, supporting indigenous elders, and uplifting cultural traditions. We protect the environment for future generations by planting trees and nurturing biodiversity. Simultaneously, we honor and empower the Kamentsa indigenous Community, preserving their wisdom and vibrant culture. Together, we're forging a path to a more sustainable and harmonious future for all.

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The Kametsa indigenous works in alliance with the international community to support, preserve, and protect the sacred land, community, and ancient wisdom.  Through our Nonprofit ORG OIOC and CSN in the USA, we support projects, including basic needs for the community, strategic land buybacks, restoration of native ecosystems, cultural exchange, and sustainable living solutions.

Current Projects


With the support of the Circle of Sacred Nature ORG in the USA since 2013, the founders of OIOC and the Shanayoy center have steadfastly supported the indigenous resistance of the Kamentsa people and their empowerment. This has been made possible through the reciprocity of individuals and organizations that have learned and continue to follow the path of ancestral medicine. Here are some of the completed projects:

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