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Providing Essential Nourishment and Care for Grandmother in need

Essential Nourishment, generosity, and reciprocity inspire this project to support the indigenous Kamentsa grandmothers from our community. More than 100 Mamitas, grandmothers, are in a situation of poverty, and many find themselves in a state of begging. This is how we request the support of communities worldwide, individuals who have studied and practiced the indigenous wisdom that these Mamitas have upheld for generations so that in reciprocity, we can support the grandmothers in love and resistance.


Through this initiative, we strive to ensure that these grandmothers are not forgotten, that their daily sustenance is secured, and that they experience the care and dignity they deserve. Join us in making a difference in the lives of these remarkable women, providing them with the comfort and support they need in their golden years. Together, we can create a brighter and more compassionate future for all.

At OIOC ORG, we believe in the power of community, generosity, and reciprocity. Our latest initiative is a testament to these values as we embark on a mission to support elderly women who are in dire need. We are starting with a group of 10 elder women, each requiring assistance to meet their basic needs for a dignified life.



Kamentsa Indigenous Elder woman
Sibundoy, Putumayo - Colombia

Our primary goal is to ensure that these elderly women have access to fundamental necessities, fostering a sense of security and well-being in their twilight years.


The elderly have various basic needs, ranging from essential food to basic healthcare needs, including immediate pain relief and issues with their homes, such as roofs and walls with gaps that expose them to harsh weather conditions. Initially, we conducted a survey to assess these needs and assist based on their immediate needs.


Our initiative includes the following key components:

1. Weekly Basic Food Support: We understand that access to nutritious meals is a fundamental human right. To address this, we are committed to providing these 10 elderly women with a weekly supply of essential food items. This ensures that they never have to worry about going to bed hungry or skipping a meal.

2. Material to close gaps and home problems


3. Doctor appointment and medicine, including plant medicine assistance by traditional healers

4. Chickens for Eggs and Corn: To promote self-sufficiency and a sustainable nutrition source, we will provide chickens to these elderly women. Not only will the chickens provide fresh eggs, but they will also assist in pest control and offer an additional source of income through the sale of surplus eggs. Additionally, we will provide the necessary resources for them to cultivate corn, enhancing their food security.

5. Organic Agriculture Skills: For those elderly women who still possess the ability and interest in farming, we are committed to equipping them with organic agriculture skills. This empowers them to grow and sell their organic products in the market, contributing to their financial independence and promoting sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices.

OIOC ORG's initiative Tsbstsanamama, is a testament to our dedication to creating a world where everyone, regardless of age, can live with dignity and self-sufficiency. Through the support of generous individuals and communities, we aim to address immediate needs and empower these elderly women to lead fulfilling lives and become self-reliant contributors to society.

Join us in this endeavor to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these elderly women. Together, we can transform their challenges into opportunities and ensure they live their golden years with the respect and support they deserve.

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