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O I O C  

We are taking action and doing our part to rebalance our world for the health of our children and future generations. Our projects are intended to protect and regenerate our local community's ancestral land and indigenous ways of life. Presently, we are growing several initiatives; we see them as small mustard seeds of healing that can move mountains.  

To plan for 1 year: Grow Food, 100 years Plant Trees, 1000 Years Educate

We are an alliance and non-profit association that formed on the path of ancestral medicine in Tamabioy on the Kamentsa Indigenous Reservation in the Alto-Putumayo, Colombia.  Oioc was founded at the home and healing center of Taita Juan Agreda Chindoy,  Healing Center Shanayoy, which means "Where you go to Heal." Oioc is an alliance of indigenous and international community working together to restore harmony to our world, one small act at a time. Beginning with our neighbors in Tamabioy, WE ARE ADVOCATING FOR A BETTER WORLD through our local actions with a vision to inspire our international community to do the same. 

Our Initiatives are currently focused on Providing Basic Living Care to Grandmothers and Children in Need, Native Reforestoration, Strategic Land Buyback, Ancestral/Regenerative Farming, Indigenous Arts-as-Healing,  and Cultural Exchange.


We Are:

Uplifting humanity by helping indigenous Grandmothers in need and supporting cultural educational and healing arts programs for children.


Uplifting Mother Earth by regenerating our native ecosystems and supporting ancestral and organic farming practices.

We do this work for the health of our children and future generations.

Our vision is to rebalance our world through small acts of kindness. 

Our Focus

A n c e s t r a l   W i s d o m

"Healing Ways"

From our local youth to our international community, we offer educational programming in-person and online that is designed to heal individuals and communities through the preservation and regeneration of ancestral medicine, wisdom and culture. By integrating these ancestral teachings into our modern lives we intend to restore balance to our world and create healthy living systems for our children and future generations. 

L a n d   C o n s e r v a t i o n
"Health of Future Generations  "  

Our land is a sacred extension of ourselves; when we care for our land, we care for ourselves. Our land initiatives are designed to preserve and regenerate the natural world within our Indigenous Kamentsa Community. Indigenous people make up less than %5 of the world population and protect 80% of it's biodiversity. In this way we are promoting health within our local community while joining international efforts to restore balance to our modern world. 

C u l t u r a l   P r e s e r v e r a n c e

The ancestral wisdom of our indigenous brothers and sisters is preserved in their culture. It is found in the weavings and beads of the grandmothers, the wood carvings of the grandfathers, the mother language, and the ceremonies that have been preserved since time immemorial. Our cultural initiatives serve to preserve and regenerate this wisdom that has stood the test of time.We strengthen the culture through education and supporting the local economy so that life my flourish.  

Meet the Team 

Why we do this Work

Guided by the ancestral memory of good living, we are taking action today to honor all that is sacred and restore balance to our world with a vision to inspire a global movement of decency and consciousness that upholds and strengthens our faith in God and the goodness of humanity for the health of future generations.


We can no longer sit back and wait. Our world is at a crossroads, and it's up to each of us to decide the future of humankind. We at OIOC have decided to take responsibility and do our part.  We are creating solutions for the environmental, societal, and mental health crises, through small acts of healing and consciousness. We are helping one indigenous grandmother and planting one tree at a time.  It´s impossible to change the past,  our personal and collective wrongs, but it is possible to rebalance them through the actions we take today.  

Our indigenous brothers and sisters suffered a violent history of colonization. The exploitation of their land and people continues today as they stand up for their sovereignty and way of life threatened by our modern world's unconsciousness.

Guided by the teachings of the Kamentsa nation, their medicine ceremonies, and those who continue to uphold ancestral ways of life, it has been our experience that these ways can help guide us individually and collectively toward health so we can rebalance our world and live lives of beauty.  In this way, we are working to uplift and strengthen the Kamentsa community as they, in turn, are working to uplift and strengthen us.  The simple teaching that all life is sacred when applied to our daily lives, is a doorway to healing and understanding how significant each one of us is. 


We are not powerless beings. We are powerful beyond measure; through our intentions, actions, and the grace of God, all things are possible. When we stand up for what is sacred, ourselves, each other our land and water, and take action we are working to heal our families and preserve generational health for our children. 

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