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T R I B U         E  O  A  I   

El Origen Asociación Internacional 

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Our Initiatives 

Education and Healing give us roots, guide us, and is integrated into everything we do

To plan for 1 year grow food, 100 years Plant Trees, 1000 Years Educate. 

E   D   U   C   A   T   I   O   N 

P r e s e r v e       R e g e n e r a t e 

"We are Seeking Health from Our Own Wisdom."


Taita Juan Buatista Agreda Chindoy

We preserve and regenerate our ancestral wisdom through local and international educational initiatives. EOAI is activating ancestral wisdom into daily life to restore health and beauty to our local community and world for future Generations.  The reach of our educational initiatives begins locally. We educate our youth, local tribe, and international community, in person and online, through educational programming, project engagement, ancestral medicine ceremonies, and other services.   

Our local and international initiatives support each other. 

L   A   N   D

P r e s e r v e       R e g e n e r a t e 

Our Wisdom is Preserved in the Health of Mother Earth.

"What we do to our Earth we do to ourselves. When we work to heal our waters, we work to create generational wealth. " 


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