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The Green Rebirth Project

"The Green Rebirth Project has as its main objective the restoration and conservation of the Amazonian foothills in the Sibundoy Valley, located in Colombia, through an ambitious reforestation initiative. This project is part of the urgent need to protect and preserve natural forests, strengthen biodiversity, and contribute to climate change mitigation."

Imagine standing on the threshold of one of the world's most vital ecosystems, the majestic Amazon rainforest. In the heart of Colombia, nestled within the enchanting Sibundoy Valley, lies the gateway to this unparalleled natural wonder. This lush forest, home to countless species of flora and fauna, is a treasure of biodiversity and a crucial ally in the fight against global warming.

Today, we invite you to join us on a journey to make a difference and take action that resonates far beyond our immediate surroundings. The Kamentsa indigenous community, stewards of this magnificent land, has embarked on an ambitious endeavor - the "10,000 Trees Initiative." This noble project seeks to plant 10,000 trees at the doorstep of the Amazon, right here in Colombia, with a profound purpose: to combat the pressing issue of climate change affecting our local environment and the entire world.

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As the Amazon faces unprecedented challenges, from deforestation to changing weather patterns, its role in regulating global climate cannot be overstated. The 10,000 Trees Initiative is our collective response, an opportunity to restore and rejuvenate this vital region and, by extension, contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Your support and donations can help make this vision a reality.


By planting trees in the Kamentsa indigenous community, we fortify the Amazon's natural defenses against climate change and empower the local community with sustainable livelihoods and the resources to protect their ancestral lands.

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